"The Star Wars Trilogy DVD Press Event"
Written by John D. Randall - September 8th, 2004


Today LucasFilm and Fox Home Entertainment treated members of the press to an early look at the upcoming Star Wars Trilogy on DVD.

In the early morning hours in Hollywood, California - DVDCC.Com and other members of the press got a THX demo showing off scenes from each of the films, an overview of the 4th bonus disc, and a Q&A session featuring Jim Ward (LucasFilm) John Lowery (restoration expert), Irvin Kershner (director of Empire Strikes Back), Rick Dean (THX), Van Ling (DVD menu designer) and special guest Mark Hamill!

To say the very least, the films never looked better.

And as expected, we can now fully confirm that there are more changes to each of the three films. In 1997, each of the films got special edition treatments - with cleaned up special effects and additional shots. This time around there are lots of new tweaks - and some major changes that fans will be talking about!

Watch for our full review of the set this weekend.





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