Written by Rob Thurmond - October 17th, 2001


On Friday September 28, 2001, a special event was held at the Paramour Mansion in California to promote the release of the Boogeymen compilation horror DVD. Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, and Peter Atkins were there as well. You can check out our review of the Boogemen DVD by clicking here.

Back when silent film stars were still alive and marriages of convenience were commonplace, the Paramour Mansion housed a couple who ended theirs with a tragic death. The husband had his gay lover take his wife for a drive. The car plummeted off Mullholland drive. The driver mysteriously survived and now the place is haunted.

Paramour Mansion is old, beautiful and spooky, the perfect site for a DVD release party for BOOGEYMEN.

(L to R: Kane Hodder - "Jason", Peter Atkins - Wishmaster creator,
and Robert Englund - "Freddy")

This DVD is the first horror compilation disc to hit the market and is tailor made for DVD technology, putting together all the juiciest clips from the scariest "boogeyman" movies ever made.

The party started with a shuttle ride up a hill to the Mansion. Upon arriving we were herded into the main courtyard which seemed to be decorated by the local Halloween shop. The pool was harboring a floating pentagram adjourned with candles and there were monks of some sort with dirty faces. Scary right.

After 30 minutes of figuring out where we were supposed to be, we heard a woman gathering people for a tour. The tour consisted of a walk around the grounds and to a ring of statues where we were treated to a Monk's dramatic reading of the mansion's history. Two of the statues came to life and mimed liking and then disliking each other.

We then were led to a big chalk pentagram, drank some wine and got protected from the evil spirits and then we went to the séance room.

We were told to wait here for the séance to begin, but after 15 minutes we find out only a certain number of people could be in the room and we had to leave and watch the séance from the red room.

The red room was small and the monitor had no sound so we could only see and not hear the séance which climaxed when a giant Boogeymen DVD shot out of the center of the table and spun around on a stick.

The PR stuff then started. Some key facts from the event were that there will be more compilation DVDs, Jason vs. Freddy is in development, Jason X hits theaters next spring and Kane Hodder is a freak.

"Now go party!" yelled a lady in a suit. There was food and drink. A spooky DJ and a lot of people crammed into small rooms or the courtyard. The real fear came from the possibility of falling in the rather large pool as we navigated the rather small party area.

Not a bad event, but it was a bit unorganized. We were informed they did not think so many people would be there.





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