Written by John Randall - October 20th, 1999


They never went away. Counting Crows amazed people in the early 90's with their hit record "August and Everything After" with hits like "Mr. Jones'' and "Round Here". Less people really enjoyed their follow up record "Recovering the Satellites" which had more of a heavy guitar riff sound to it.

As "pop" and "boy" crazy music swallows up the music scene in the latter 90's, a lot of the true rock and roll bands are being forgotten. Counting Crows is hard band to beat. Lead singer Adam Duritz's lyrics will sweep you away.

On November 2, the Crows will be releasing their third album called "This Desert Life". The die hard fans will not be disappointed and a whole new era of people will get their first taste of Adam and the boys.

This album has a lot less heavy guitar than their 2nd album and they return to the sound more like the first album, but Adam's lyrics have matured even more.

Their first single called "Hangin' Around" has already hit the radio circuit and the video is being played on Vh1 and MTV. As with any of their previous albums, their first single is a catchy tune and does not always present the best of the album.

Some might ask why we'd post an article like this on a DVD website. For one, there have been many requests into us to see if we can find out if MTV's "Live At the 10 Spot" live show would ever be released on DVD. We have not been able to find out yet, but we are working on it. This would be an incredible DVD in Dolby Digital 5.1. Don't keep your hopes up, but anything is possible.

"This Desert Life" contains 10 tracks and 11 songs (Kid Things is a hidden song on track 10). The album overall shows the very best of who the Counting Crows are. Make sure you go out and get it on November 2nd. The Counting Crows hit the road for a tour starting next week in Atlanta. Track Listings for "This Desert Life":

Hangin' Around
Mrs. Potter's Lullaby
Amy Hit the Atmosphere
Four Days
All My Friends
High Life
I Wish I Was A Girl
Saint Robinson in His Cadillac Dream
Kid Things (hidden)





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