"Star Wars mania"
Written by John D. Randall - February 10th, 2005


Personally, I love Star Wars.

Supposedly the final Star Wars chapter is coming to the big screen this year (May 19, 2005 to be exact), so it is only fitting that rant on it.


I love the original Star Wars, Empire and Jedi.

The 1997 Special Editions were a bit confusing. Changes were made. Greedo should not be shooting at all.

I was excited about Episode I, but it never felt exactly like a Star Wars movie. We will skip Jar Jar. Puppet Yoda looks pathetic.

Episode II was better than Episode I. Some scenes look more like a cartoon - especially the backdrop when Anakin is on the speeder bike.

I guess nothing will beat watching the trench run in “A New Hope” when I was young.

The Star Wars DVDs that came out last September are great. The films have never looked better. More changes were done. Some of the lightsabers still need to be fixed. Maybe all the special effects will be fixed in the rumored 2007 Ultra Editions.

From everything I have seen, read and heard thus far about Episode III – I think good ole George Lucas might just pull off the greatest Star Wars film yet. You might say that Episode III is the whole reason for him making the sequels in the first place. There is a lot of back-story to give to the audience.

After Episode III, Star Wars will of course continue on forever in people’s imagination and countless action figures, books, cups, and stickers.

I look forward to the upcoming Clone Wars (animated) DVDs this year and of course later in the year when Episode III comes to DVD.

See you all at the theater in May for Revenge of the Sith!

The force will be with all of us, always…

- John D. Randall, Editor

Complete Star Wars DVD Check List:

- Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
- Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
- Star Wars: Clone Wars - Volume I
- Star Wars Trilogy (ANH, Empire, Jedi)
- Star Wars Animated Adventures - Droids
- Star Wars Animated Adventures - Ewoks
- Star Wars Ewok Adventures

Editorial Note: LucasFilm was gracious to give Dvdcc.com the opportunity to attend various press events for major LucasFilm DVD releases. The purpose was for press members to get an early look at DVDs for review considerations. DVD Events included: Star Wars: Episode I @ Skywalker Ranch, Episode II, Original Trilogy, and Indiana Jones. In addition, LucasFilm used us in an Episode II DVD commercial.





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