"Site News, More Star Wars DVDs In November, and More"
Written by John D. Randall - November 14th, 2004


We sure have been lazy around here lately. That will change soon. We are going to continue to slack off the remainder of the year, but be back in full force on January 1st. Watch for some updates before the end of the year though with some new reviews and giveaways.

Seen any good flicks lately at the theaters? “The Incredibles” was great. Do not go see “Saw”.

Have you spun any good DVDs lately? “Elf” on DVD (with the great Will Ferrell) cannot be recommended enough. This is one absolutely funny film. On the other hand, “Hellboy” is a horrible movie and the DVD cannot be recommended at all.

The DVD interactive game “Scene It?” by Mattel (that you see the commercials for on TV) is actually a really fun game.

Do not forget there are three upcoming Star Wars DVDs that will be released on November 23rd: “Star Wars Animated Adventures – Droids (The Pirates and the Prince / Treasures of the Hidden Planet)”, “Star Wars Animated Adventures – Ewoks (The Haunted Village / Tales from the Endor Woods)”, and the live-action “Star Wars Ewok Adventures - Caravan of Courage / The Battle for Endor”.

Lastly, just FYI: “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” comes to DVD January 4, 2005. Buy it.

More later...





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