"Random ramblings"
Written by Steve Jackson - December 8th, 2004


The holidays are finally coming.

The Broken Lizard gang from 2002s Super Troopers is back with another really good flick. Club Dread is somewhere between a horror and a comedy flick. The DVD is recommended.

"Star Wars: Clone Wars - Volume 1" the first part of the animated series is coming to DVD March 22, 2005. Volume 2 begins to air on the Cartoon Network on March 21, 2005.

Lots of news lately about the upcoming HD-DVD / Blu-Ray format war. More info here, here and here. More from us on this when the time is right.

Love colors? Know someone who does? Then check out Colorcalm: Skies a new DVD that utilizes colors and music to relax you. If you have a nice plasma TV, you can even turn your TV on the wall into art. Worth a look.

If you did not know, there is a nice 24: Season 3 DVD giveaway running till 12/10/04.

Just in case you are interested, DVD Empire has some cheap DVD TV shows right now for $14.99. Titles are like Buffy: Season 1, 24: Season 1, The Simpsons: Season 1, etc. Sale ends 12/10/04. And if you need it, here is a $5 off $60 DVD Empire coupon for you: 647309.





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