"Star Wars: A New Hope - 2004 DVD Changes"
Written by Steve Jackson - September 12th, 2004


There are indeed changes to Star Wars Original Trilogy films for their DVD release. All of the films have been completely restored and there have been some additions. Here are some of the highlights. Please see our full review of the four disc DVD set.

All screenshots were taken from a Widescreen box set and then cropped for use on this site. All pictures are a copyright of LucasFilm, Ltd.


Opening crawl has been updated and looks more like the opening from Ep1 and Ep2.

Ben's film entrance where he scares the Tuskins has been changed. His howl is more of a siren now.

The entrance to Mos Eisley has been changed. Detail has been greatly improved. Just check out all the red items in the picture.

Luke's speeder while enterting Mos Eisley has been changed as well and looks much better.

The next four pictures illustrate how the light sabers still have issues. (Blue)

Light sabers still have issues. (Green)

Light sabers still have issues. (White)

Light sabers still have issues. (Bluish)

The suns of Tatooine look different.

The suns of Tatooine look different.

Greedo still shoots first, but they almost fire at the same time.

The CGI Jabba in A New Hope has been replaced with a much more realistic version.

The detention block's long hall has been made to look more realistic version.

Originally the Death Star's tractor beam had writing in English which has been changed.

The trash compactor monster has been given an upgrade.

"The Death Star has cleared the planet" map is updated.


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