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Reviewed October 14th, 2001 by James Thomas


In this Director Lee Tamahori’s prequel to “Kiss the girls”, Morgan Freeman reprises his roles as Detective Alex Cross. In “Along came a spider”, Freeman plays Cross, an on-the-mend cop, who recently lost a partner. Cross finds himself invited into the “crime of the century” by a brilliant foe, who has kidnapped a senator’s son. Freeman is joined in the cast by Monica Potter (who has an eerie resemblance to Julia Roberts, both in looks and speech). Potter plays a disgraced Secret Service agent that dropped the ball on her job, resulting in the aforementioned kidnapping. Together, they work to solve the crime and recover the missing child, but find there are many barriers to overcome.

The movie was very entertaining, and I found myself glued to the seat until the very end. There were many plot twists along the way, but I enjoyed the fact that I had to actually pay attention to the film. The ending was slightly predictable (my wife figured it out before I did), but not a disappointment by any means.

Although not as well done as “Kiss the girls”, I still enjoyed and would recommend the movie. Both Freeman and Potter (cudos to the rest of the cast too) give great performances. Freeman is definitely one of the best actors out there right now, and Potter holds her own as well. As there are several books with “Alex Cross”, I’d assume that there will be more movies in this series, and I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

As far as the DVD specifics go, the anamorphic 2.35:1 transfer was great. Colors were perfect, and all details very clear. The 5.1 sound was pretty good, although I thought they could’ve made better use of the surrounds. Dialog was clear and detailed, as were sound effects. There really wasn’t much in the way of extras; the trailer and a “making of” were about all.


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