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Reviewed December 13th, 1999 by Staff


Do I make you horny Baby? Do I? Yeah! The Shagmeister is back in Austin Powers II. Austin Danger Powers loses his Mojo. The quest to get his mojo back entails. We found out his wife is a fembot and that he is free to swing and shag once again. Add in time travel back to the 60’s and you have for a swinging good time. Dr. Evil returns and is joined by Number two and his new evil twin Mini Me. Opinions vary on how this movie compared to the first. Many laughed and thought it was just as good if not better then the first and you will just have to see it for yourself to form your own opinion!

The video is top notch, very clear and very vibrant with deep dark blacks and no a hint grain! This title is definitely one to show off your DVD system with and ranks just under the top ten DVD’s out. The video is presented in widescreen and at an aspect ratio of 2:35 to 1 just like what you saw in the theaters.

The audio is also top notch with a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound track. This is a very clear and very vibrant sound track that will have you turning your head with the sounds coming from all over the room.

Once again the extra’s from New Line are impressive. You are presented with the following: 20 minutes of deleted scenes, Feature length commentary, behind the scenes documentary, Dr. Evil Song, Comedy Central’s canned ham: “The Dr. Evil Story!”, Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger music video, Lenny Kravitz American Woman music video, Mel B Word Up music video, and four theatrical trailers. With some of the special offers out there you can get this little number for under $10. This is a serious must to add to your collection!


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