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Reviewed February 6th, 1999 by Staff


Blade with Wesley Snipes is this New Line's Platinum Series film. Wesley Snipes is Blade, a day walker. Those familiar with vampires know that a day walker is a very rare breed of vampire that has the ability to resist the sunlight making day walkers one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

Except this particular one is in an ever-lasting battle with the vampire disease and vampires in general. See his mother was bitten just before Blade's birth making him half vampire and half human. Blade with the help of his mentor Whistler has uncovered a plot to revive La Magra, the blood god, a super powerful day walking vampire.

The video transfer is superb, not a touch of grain can be found which is especially outstanding considering the amount of pitch black scenes. The audio is also superb with amazing clear sounds and exceptional use of all 5.1 speakers. The soundtrack contains upbeat techno music that blends well with the high action scenes that are found in this movie.

What makes this a special edition is the numerous extras including: Audio commentaries by Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorf, David S. Goyer, The Van De Sande, Kirk M. Petruccelli, and Peter Frankfurt, isolated score, features of La Magra, designing Blade, the origins of Blade, and The Blood Tide, background of the house of Erebus, pencil to post sketches, cast and crew bio's and theatric trailer.

This movie is one of the top ten movies for video quality, sound quality and extras! The story line could use a little help, but overall well worth the addition to any DVD collection.


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