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Reviewed February 4th, 1999 by Staff


Adam Sandler is at it again! This time he is a spoiled rich kid that has had no reason to grow up, until his father's hotel chain is threatened to be handed over to a power hungry monster that works for Billy Madison's Father's hotel chain. The only way he can prove to his father that he really wants the business and is competent enough to run it is by passing all 12 grades in a set time limit. Toss in a bombshell, some humorous mischief and the fact that this is Adam Sandler and you have a faced paced comedy sure to be worthy of everyone's DVD collection. The transfer is again less then perfect. There are hints of grain throughout the movie, but I have a feeling that this revolves around the GIGO concept. Most likely the studio shot on inferior film media, since much of the grain appears to be similar to what you see in a movie theater. The audio was very good, with a good use of directionals. This was mastered in 5.1 for your audio pleasure. Finally, beware of the giant penguin!!!!


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