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Reviewed October 2nd, 2000 by David Colby


Mel Gibson, the stud actor himself takes on a less buttox showing role as he adventures behind the camera and also roles in this Epic Movie about William Wallace a Scottish Hero/Legend. This was marketed as a love story originally, which after you view this movie, you would be in shit house with the woman if that is why you came to see the movie. There is a love story involved, but the gore, fighting and just the all around guy movie feel of this one does not fit the love story genre. William Wallace, Mel Gibson, grows up in a rough Scotland town where death is common and times were bad. The English dictated their lives and he begins the revolt that finally ends the death grip they once enjoyed. This DVD is one of the long awaited DVD releases, now we just need to see Star Wars and a few others that are not out yet.

The audio for this film is top notch. You will be treated to a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack that picks up every twig snapping to every gruesome hack. What more can you ask for? Well you are also treated to a commentary track by Mel Gibson himself that helps walk you through some of the difficulties acting, producing and directing this colossal film.

The video is incredibly sharp and of course is widescreen. The aspect ratio is 2.35:1 and is anamorphically enhanced. The colors are vibrant and true. The only annoyance that I noticed is that the film seems to be mastered from a dirty film copy. Don’t get me wrong it feels like your in a theater with all those black specs here and there, but you would have thought they might had wanted to do a great job of cleaning the film before doing a nice digital master. Maybe we will see a Special Edition in the future with remastered video.

The extra’s as mentioned earlier include a full Director Commentary track, 2 theatrical trailers, a making off and even a Dolby Surround English and French track. Overall a bit more then your bare bones DVD, but this is no Special Edition. This DVD can be picked up for under $16, which makes up for it taking two years to hit DVD, but expect to see a Special Edition in the future.


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