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Reviewed April 27th, 1999 by Staff


A Bug's Life is Disney's, actually DVDs, first fully digital transfer of a film. It is also one of the very few animated Disney films out on the DVD format. The entire family can enjoy this comical and wonderful tale. The main character is Flik who is an inventor and is never happy with doing things the same way they have always been done. The ants harvest food and survive by giving an offering to the crickets each year, supposedly for their protection. Flik becomes one of the pivotal characters in the struggle of the Ant population from its oppression. Flik travels out to find warrior bugs to help battle the crickets, yet all along the ants had the one thing that would defeat the crickets, shear numbers.

This DVD yet lacking additional materials is by far one of the best to date. The video is very sharp and very vibrant! If you have a great TV this will really show off your DVD's capabilities. Top-notch transfer is only the beginning.

The audio is amazing! The use of the 5.1 format is incredible with sounds coming from each channel in equal strength surrounding you in a surreal audio field! The fully digital transfer makes this DVD one of the top ten to date for showing off your Dolby Digital receiver's capabilities.

As noted earlier the extra's are lacking. With only an Animated Short and a second set of ending credits being included. This is one part that Disney blew it big time. This disc could have had all sorts of never before seen footage, the making off and other web related links, but Disney chose to not include this on their premium priced DVD. Overall still one of the top ten DVD's out there and will be fun for the whole family!


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