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Reviewed January 1st, 1999 by Staff


This movie really suprising. The first part of the movie is very strange as it jumps from scene to scene and is a bit hard to follow, but if you listen and watch closely, you should have no problems. One word: DARK. The whole movie is black on black. Yes, it was filmed this way. And DVD sure does bring out the best black in film. The story is well done, and keeps you eager to find out what is really going on. The actors (some which you will know like Richard O'Brian from Rocky Horror - very nice). The story is unique. Nothing like you have seen before. And what you may have heard, this is more of a thriller than a sci-fi, so do not watch it just because it does have some sci-fi qualities. Sorry, we won't spoil anything. The sound was crisp as well as the base sounded great! The 5.1 mix was clean. This is a must see DVD.


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