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Reviewed August 21st, 2000 by Chuck Arrington


The story goes like this:

A neurologist in search of a cure for degenerative brain diseases has found a compound within the brains of Mako sharks that reverses all brain dysfunction. The problem is that the sharks’ brains on average do not secrete enough of the hormone to make the cure a reality. So, against protocol & all of the accepted logic of the time, the sharks’ brains are synthetically altered to become much larger in size. The unexpected side effect is that the sharks get smarter. So here we have a test facility somewhere out in the Pacific, manned by roughly four scientists, a shark wrangler, a communications officer, a cook & the Billionaire who’s financing the entire project. Add to that 35-foot Mako sharks with brains the size of a flat-head V8 engine & a coming storm & you have all the elements that make Deep Blue Sea effective and in play! Without shame, Deep Blue Sea is an unabashed Jaws Rip-rip off! But, it’s an extremely well crafted rip-off! There are a few scenes were the sharks look far less than real & some of the dialogue gets sappy with repeat viewings. Other than that, Deep Blue Sea is a thriller that works on every single level! It’s got thrills, chills & excitement all it’s own. Nothing will ever equal the sheer intensity & genius of Jaws however, Deep Blue Sea has a charm all it’s own!


The audio as presented is a blistering 5.1 platform that provides really great effects when active (which is all the time!) The center is crystalline & the left to right activity is really strong & full. The sub does wonders for the LFE & together, they provide one of the best aural presentations on DVD to date-IMHO.


The Video sparkles! It’s really amazing just how beautiful the images presented on this disc are. The colors are impeccable! The blacks are deep & rich, the flesh-tones are natural, there’s no bleeding present nor are there any flecks. It’s easily one of the best transfers to date.


Included on the disc are: the film’s theatrical trailer, deleted scenes that really should have been in the feature as they lend a bit more information to the cast of characters in the way of character development. A stills gallery and two pretty cool documentaries on the making of the film & the animatronics behind the film’s true stars, the sharks! Lastly, there is a commentary track that is half Renny Harlin & half Samuel L. Jackson. Great commentary. Jackson is hilarious and Renny is technical!


I loved Jaws & have found a campy yet exciting entry in the whole “giant shark” movie genre. Deep Blue Sea has all the elements of a great thriller and it uses those elements very well. It’s a totally enjoyable roller coaster ride with a couple of unbelievably unexpected twists! Great movie all the way around!


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