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Reviewed May 5th, 2001 by John Randall


I have to honestly say that I am very biased about this movie. Ever since I got this fine film on cable a few years ago, I've become an addict! I am sure you know what I am talking about - think of the Matrix. Are you one of those people that have to watch even a few minutes of the Matrix when you are flipping channels if it's on? Well, that is how I feel about this VERY funny movie.

The great Albert Brooks plays Daniel Miller, a down-on-his-luck advertiser that decides to buy a new car and take it for a test drive on his birthday. Unfortunately, while preoccupied, Daniel runs his new BMW into a bus and dies.

Daniel awakes to find himself in Judgement City - a place where he will spend a few days going over points in his life where he showed signs of fear. Judges then decide if Daniel must go back to Earth and try again to face his fears or if he can become a “citizen of the universe”.

It might seem a big complicated, but this is truly one of the best comedy movies of all time and will keep you laughing all the way through. The movie is also a new look into what the afterlife could be like.

The rest of the cast carries the movie along nicely! Rip Torn plays Bob Diamond who is Daniel's attorney and Meryl Streep plays Julia, a new-found friend.

I have been waiting to see this movie on DVD for a very long time.

The video is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and is generally pretty good. Cudos to Warner.

The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 and does pretty good since most of the movie is dialogue. I would have loved a nice 5.1 remix, but just having this disc was heaven sent.

The only area the disc is really lacking is the extras department. Only cast bios and a trailer are included.

Overall, this is a wonderful movie and pretty good disc by Warner. You have not had a chance to see this film, then you really are missing out. Fans have to get this disc!


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