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Reviewed March 19th, 2000 by Brian White


The clerk at the video store joked that Double Jeopardy is third in the Fugitive trilogy. The sad fact is that he was right. Though not an official sequel, like U.S. Marshals, Double Jeopardy is obviously derivative. Being compared to a great movie like The Fugitive should not be a bad thing, except Double Jeopardy just doesn’t compare.

Here’s the story: Ashley Judd’s character is framed by her husband for his murder. She is convicted of the crime, and goes to jail. Eventually, she learns that her husband has double-crossed her, hooking up with her friend, and taking her son. While in the big house, Judd’s character learns about the legal limitation which prevents a person from being prosecuted for the same crime twice. She gets out of jail, and she now can kill her husband without legal reprieve. Tommy Jones plays her crusty parole officer who (get this) chases her across the country to prevent her from killing her husband.

Despite the obvious similarity to The Fugitive, the premise of Double Jeopardy is quite good. Sadly, the movie doesn’t follow through.

This movie doesn’t even work as a popcorn movie. Despite my low expectations, it’s still bland, and disappointing. Jones is good, but he should be, as this is his third time playing what is essentially the same character.

Being that Double Jeopardy is a big flashy suspense, the DVD looks excellent. There is some really nice cinematography in the movie, and the 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer looks very good.

There is very little in the way of split surround effects, but the front soundstage is quite good. There are crowd scenes in which the front speakers are quite active. Dialogue reproduction is good.

For features, the disc includes a trailer and a featurette.


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