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Reviewed June 18th, 1999 by Staff


Will Smith, John Voight and Gene Hackman star in this action / thriller. Enemy of the State is about Robert Dean (a DC attorney) who accidently gets handed (without his knowledge) proof of a murder (a digital video). John Voight plays a NSA official who wants that video back and will stop at nothing to protect the truth. Robert Dean must stay alive after everything in his life falls apart. He has everyone trying to get him and all he needs to find out is the truth about what is going on.

The video is presented in 2.35:1 widescreen and is one of the best transfers to date. The disc is dual-layered for better compression. Colors, black levels, sharpness and contrast are dead on.

The audio is presented in a powerful DD 5.1 mix with everything going around you like crazy. This is one of the most active 5.1 split surround movies to date. The music is pumping and so are the guns, helicopters and explosions.

Supplements include two production featurettes and a trailer.

A very energized and well thought out movie. Very recommended but must be watched at a high volume (loud!).


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