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Reviewed September 11th, 2000 by David Colby


Julia Roberts is back at it again, purrrrr, in Erin Brockovich. This time she plays a mother hard up for a job trying to support her two children. She is unrealistically motivated to be more and as she is out looking for a job a Doctor broadsides her. After losing her case, remember Money and the O.J. outcome, she has a huge pile of bills and still no job. Finally, in a fit of desperation she approaches her lawyer for a job and excels at investigating a case. You are lead through the various jugglings a single mother has to make in order to survive. Overall an inspiring movie, but you quickly realize that most people that down on their luck are not that motivated to do and be more! This movie will not entertain the children although there is no nudity or any other reason that the whole family could not enjoy this movie. So how is the DVD?

The video is presented in Anamorphic Widescreen at a ratio of 1.85:1. The video is crystal clear and remarkable sharp. Vivid colors and deep dark blacks will amaze you.

The audio is just as outstanding with a crystal clear Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. You will be able to even hear the slightest whisper in the film.

The extras are nice too. You will be treated to a making of, a look at the real story, deleted scenes, theatrical trailer, production notes, cast and filmmakers and DVD-Rom Features. A nice rounded package at a great price, under $15. So add this heart-warming film to your library today!


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