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Reviewed September 29th, 1999 by Staff


Another classic TV series has been remade in the 90’s. The movie stars Jeff Daniels (who’s best work was Pleasantville) as Tim O’Hara, a down on his luck TV reporter who stumbles across an alien landing. The martian transforms himself into a human look alike and jumps into Daniel’s car. Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) plays the martian in this outrageous comedy. The movie is full of great funny scenes and great special effects.

The story is basically about how the Lloyd copes with Earth while him and his companion Zoot (his space outfit who talks) repairs their broken spaceship. This is a great family movie that also stars Daryl Hannah and Ray Walston (who was in the original TV series).

The film is presented in widescreen (1.85:1) format and is not 16x9 enhanced. Black levels seem dead on and colors are vibrant. There seems to be no scratches or specks and there is no signs of any transfer problems.

The DD 5.1 soundtrack is a typical representative of the 1990’s filmmaking. Dialogue and special effects seem very clear.

The movie is rated PG and is 94 minutes long.


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