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Reviewed January 1st, 1999 by Staff


Most everyone has seen this movie on TV and/or in the movie theater by now. It still will crack you up. This movie is about baseball yet it isn't. The movie is about the supernatural, but not really that either. The movie is basically about Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella which starts hearing voices in his corn field. A long journey through baseballs history leads him to the brink of loosing his farm. If you haven't seen this movie now is the time. A wonderful film that will make you laugh, cry and genuinely enjoy watching this movie. The video quality is what can be expected from a 1988 film. Grainy, yet a lot better then the VHS version. The audio is a powerful Dolby surround track that falls short of the 5.1 format. The special edition has a commentary track, as well as, behind the scenes and the making of the movie clips. The movie is fetching a premium price at most stores priced in the up 20's to lower 30's. Still a great investment for a movie that reminds you of your youth!


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