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Reviewed March 21st, 1999 by Staff


The movie, starting Michael J. Fox is nothing short of a comedy/thriller. In short, the movie about a guy who can see ghosts and uses it to his advantage (to con people out of money as a “ghost buster”). Fox then begins to see “numbers” on peoples foreheads, who eventually die from the hands of a mythical creature (who looks like the grim reaper). Of course no one but him and his ghost friends can even see the creature, so people begin to think he is insane and he is actually killing everyone. The movie has many great funny moments and Fox does a great job to keep the story moving along.

The quality of the video on this disc is wonderful. Over a dark film, the blacks look great! The picture is 2.35:1 widescreen format only and is enhanced for 16x9 televisions. It is also single sided and single layered. Audio is presented in DD 5.1 and it will give your sub a good workout! Makes good with surround effects too. A French 2.0 track is also included. Not many supplements but a trailer and some cast/crew bios are included.

You may or might not like the movie. It has its thriller and comedy moments. If you are a fan of the movie, pick it up! You wont be disappointed! If you have never seen it before, you may want to rent it first to see if you have the taste for this kind of movie. Very enjoyable!! The movie is rated R and is 110 minutes.


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