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Reviewed July 10th, 2000 by David Colby


Steven Seagal is at it again in The Glimmer Man. He wasn’t always a cop, but now he serve’s the good side. This time he is once again a cop in pursuit of a serial killer, but trips onto a much bigger plot involving chemical weapons, smuggling, killings and more. This is the usual action film scenario where some deranged psycho is greedy and wants more money and power and the good guys have to stop him before it is to late. Seagal is staring with Keenen Ivory Wayan, which adds for a few chuckles along the high paced action filled movie. So on with what the DVD has to offer.

The Audio is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1, along with a French soundtrack. The audio is crisp and clear; no hiss will come between you and the bone cracking hitting and kicking. Overall a well done job, with very little to complain about. You will be able to feel the soundtrack, as well as, hear it since the bass is nothing to be sneezed at.

The video is presented in both Full and Widescreen. The Widescreen version is 1.85:1 ratio wise and is enhanced for 16:9 TV’s. While not crystal clear and sharp it is very good and you can’t complain too much when the price is well under $20.

The extra’s are not plentiful. You would love to see some of the bloopers, deleted scenes and commentary by Steven Seagal and maybe even a featurette on the stunts, but you won’t be getting that little treat. All you will receive is a set of Production Notes, Theatrical Trailer, and some subtitles. Well this does leave room for an SE, we can only hope! If you are a Seagal fan pick this little number up today, no action collection is complete without a little Seagal.


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