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Reviewed January 1st, 1999 by Staff


This movie does NOT show what a true hacker's life is like, but what it does give you is a very interesting couple of hours. The cast is basically filled with all newcomers, but they pull off the story line well. You may even see a cameo or two of Penn from “Penn and Teller”. Fisher Stevens does a pretty good job too. The best parts of this film is the visual effects and the kicking techno music. The VHS version was good, but compared to the original release at the movies, it did not stand up in quality. This DVD is what Hacker fans needed! This DVD is super. The video is nearly flawless and VHS could never compare. The only downside was MGM did not add the Pan&Scan version also. As stated before, all movies on DVD should contain both versions. The 5.1 sound is worth the price of this DVD. Great clear bass all the way! Clear highs and very good of directional effects. The L and R surrounds are defined and can really hear some directionals. The DVD version is what this movie needed to be released on the first time around. DVD proves itself again. Pump up your system and get ready for some great music, some humor and some good special effects.


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