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Reviewed September 29th, 2001 by David Nusair


In the few years that Freddie Prinze Jr. has been making movies, heís yet to pick a role thatís even slightly edgy. In movie after movie, he continually plays the same sort of character Ė the nice guy. Itís impossible to tell whether or not heís a good actor, since he hasnít ever tried to stretch himself or try something new.

In Head Over Heels, he plays a mysterious man that lives across the way from four models and their new roommate (played by Monica Potter). Potter finds him irresistibly attractive and starts spying on him. One day, she watches as he seemingly murders a woman, and takes it upon herself to investigate. And if you canít figure out whether or not Prinze is actually playing a bad guy, maybe itís time to take up macramť.

Head Over Heels isnít exactly terrible Ė itís just completely uninspired. And for a comedy, it doesnít have many laughs. And for a romance, the two leads have next-to-no chemistry. And for.. oh, you get the idea. This is a movie whoís definition of a wacky subplot is to have the four models that Potter is living with (they live there for free, and use Potterís rent money ďfor funĒ) turn her into a supermodel in order to attract Prinzeís attention. Office Space, this is not.

But Potter is as charming as usual (though if you want to see what she can do when she has the right material, check out the little-seen romantic comedy The Very Thought Of You) and Prinze is fairly decent in his one-note role. The movieís been directed with some flair by Mark Waters, but all the flair in the world canít save a script this lame.

Head Over Heels might appeal to less-discriminating 12-year-olds, but thatís about it.

Audio: Head Over Heels is presented with a DD 5.1 soundtrack and, as you may have guessed, itís adequate but nothing more. This isnít a movie thatís designed to make your room shake and this track reflects that. To be fair, the few times spatial effects are employed, this track really comes alive.

Video: Anamorphically enhanced at 2.35:1, this transfer is (not surprisingly, considering itís a Universal release) excellent. This is a movie with a wide palate of colours and the transfer is able to handle them all with ease. Very nicely done.

Extras: There are a few extras, though nothing to warrant buying this disc if you were on the fence. Thereís an 11-minute featurette on the making of the film, which is the usual thing where actors talk about why they thought this was such a great idea for a movie and the director talks about how great the actors are. Next is the trailer, along with trailers for Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas, Bring it On, and Bowfinger. Finally, thereís some production notes and some cast/crew biographies and filmographies.

Conclusion: Are you a Freddie Prinze Jr. fan? Then youíll probably love this. If not, avoid it like rat soup.


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