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Reviewed January 1st, 1999 by Staff


Take Leo from Titanic and throw him in with the 4 Musketeers and we actually can have a great film. The film's acting and setting is about as far from the ocean floor as possible, so do not see this movie just for its “Leo” effect. This movie survives all by itself and has very powerful performances by some very respected veteran actors. High drama and some very funny scenes add to the enjoyment. The DVD version is very good quality wise. The disc includes a widescreen and pan&scan version. Both have a sharp transfer with colors that are very bright and clear with no sign of any grain. The darker scenes have true black. The 5.1 sound mix is great with some good directional effects. The fight scenes are the best use of the 5.1 because all the speakers can successfully surround you in the excitement. You can even here the birds on the surrounds during outside scenes and it is not distracting at all. Good movie - well written, great cast too and this DVD version hits the spot.


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