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Reviewed November 12th, 2001 by John Randall


The DVD format has seen some really good concert releases so far. Another aspect is some good behind the scenes releases – and some very horrible unauthorized ones as well. Image has been pumping out some great music-themed discs and now we get to see an in depth look into the career of Jewel thus far.

In my opinion Jewel is a damn good singer. This DVD explores her ride to the top - showing and discussing her early days all the way up to some more modern day performances (well 1999 anyway).

The disc runs about 60 minutes and shows some of her earlier performances being totally ignored, we see her family, we see Jewel driving in a car, get to hear some wonderful yodeling, we see Jewel trying to write songs, and of course we get to hear “Who Will Save Your Soul”.

In total we see live performances of “What's Simple is True”, “Down So Long”, “Who Will Save Your Soul”, “Barcelona”, “Deep Water”, “Down”, and “Love Me Just Leave Me Alone”.

Overall this disc is ok – a must for Jewel fans – but the average person is most likely going to skip this one since it costs about $20.00. Maybe if the disc contained even more live tracks – more people would buy it.

The video is presented in 1.33:1 full screen. The image varies in quality throughout the entire disc, but overall does just fine for a documentary disc.

The audio is in disappointing Dolby Digital 2.0. I’m a firm believer that all concert DVDs should be in at least 5.1. Wishful thinking perhaps. The quality of the soundtrack varies again with the different types of footage. The newer live tracks sound pretty good actually.

The only extras are a few bonus live tracks that include: “Who Will Save Your Soul”, “What's Simple Is True” and “Down So Long” from a 1999 concert.

Hopefully Image will keep pumping out great concert DVDs. Hey Image, why not a Counting Crows DVD (hint hint nudge nudge) – sorry, couldn’t resist. :)

Again, I think Jewel rocks and I actually did like this disc, but it really is only highly recommended for her fans.


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