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Reviewed March 14th, 1999 by Staff


Who doesn't enjoy a good movie of an under dog that over comes great odds to become the victor? In this movie Ralph Macchio is a teenager that has just moved from Lucita. His mother has just landed a job in Los Angeles. Daniel quickly begins having trouble with a bunch of bullies at his new school. All of these bullies belong to a karate organization know as the Cobras. Daniel has been a self-taught martial artist, which means basically he stinks. After a few butt whoopings, Miyagi the maintenance man at his new apartment complex takes Daniel under his wings and trains him in the art of Karate. A challenge to compete at the Karate Tournament is where Daniel will finally prove himself. Toss in a hottie named Ali and you've got a top grade action movie.

The June 22, 1984 debut of this filmed marked the beginning of the series that spans an additional three movies. The video is the best that one can expect from an early 80's film. The video appears to have a film over the lens and the colors are washed out. This is common as seen from various other films from that age like Rambo and Die Hard. The sound is only presented in stereo, which is better, then the original mono track offered on VHS. The sound quality is a bit lack luster, but still both the video and audio are the best I have ever seen for this movie! This title is a prime target for a Special Edition. Nonetheless still worth adding to your DVD Library!


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