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Reviewed April 30th, 2000 by Andrew Stoakley


“Who are you? You’re Woody the Wabbit!”


“Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the good times?” Yes, this immortal summer time ditty basically sums up the entire plot of this Ivan Reitman comedy classic. Tripper (played to dimwitted perfection by Bill Murray) is an activity director at cash strapped Camp North Star whose main goal of the summer is to score with as many women as he can. The usual cast of salacious camp counselors and home sick campers accompanies tripper. In the end, the entire movie comes down to the epic Olympiad – pitting Camp North Star against the rich snotty kids of Camp Mohawk.

How Does The Disc Look?

“Meatballs” does not look that great. In fact, it looks pretty crappy. Asides from the usual blips and scratches on a print, this pressing has an abnormal amount of them. It appears as if the print they used was in fact a VHS copy that had been screened about one hundred times. However, “Meatballs” is presented in 1.85:1 and it’s an anamorphic transfer to boot!

How Does The Disc Sound?

“Meatballs” does not sound that great either. Presented in English stereo and mono (as well as French and Spanish), the stereo track sounds quite nice, but the mono track is no slouch either. There appeared to be no noticeable quirks or quarks in the audio presentation, overall, not bad, but definitely not great.

What Extra’s Do You Get?

There are a few extra’s to be found on this DVD, here is a complete list of them:

- Cast and crew bios
- Theatrical trailers
- Multiple languages and subtitles


“Meatballs” on DVD is really for big fans of Bill Murray, Ivan Reitman, or the movie itself. This package really adds nothing to the desire of owning this film except for the noted exceptions. In closing, “Meatballs” on DVD is for true fans.


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