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Reviewed August 29th, 1999 by Staff


Medicine Man starring Sean Connery and Lorraine Bracco is a tail of two scientists that discover the cure for cancer. One problem exists. They have lost the formula to the cure! Progress, or so-called progress, in this case a new road cutting through the jungle, puts a time crunch on the two scientists to find the missing link. An enjoyable movie all around.

Knowing that this movie is pretty decent you would expect Disney to give it at least an acceptable level of attention in order to insure that this would be a DVD that people would want to add to their collection, but unfortunately it falls far short of those hopes. The video transfer is horrible, only rivaled by the Conan collection transfers. It is confusing why studios would want to add a title to their collection and not have it at least display some base line of quality. The transfer is widescreen and is displayed at an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and is not 16x9 enhanced.

The audio was a bit better, but still it is only Dolby Surround. You miss out on a lot of the jungle noises that really could have shined through if a fully remastered 5.1 soundtrack had been created. This hardly makes up for the deplorable transfer!

The features are not plentiful, but are more then the usual from Disney. They include: Production featurette and a theatrical trailer. Unless you are a huge fan of this movie avoid it since you will feel like that you have just wasted your time and money.


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