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Reviewed June 18th, 1999 by Staff


This 4 hour tv broadcasted movie is now on DVD. The movie as an all-star cast including Sam Neill [Merlin], Isabella Rossellini, Martin Short, Rutger Hauer, Helena Bonham Carter, Miranda Richardson and others.

The movie is the dramatic and magical tale of the powerful wizard Merlin and his love. Great stars and good acting make this one of the best tv movies to date.

The video is presented in a full-frame since it was released on tv. Their is no widescreen available. The dual-layered disc presents a image that is very strong for tv standards. The transfer shows no signs of compression problems and black levels, contrast, color and sharpness are very well done.

The audio is DD 2.0 but is very well done. There are some use of the surrounds but you will not be getting any .1 LFE out of this one.

The movie runs about 180 minutes without commericals and includes a short making of documentary.

Very entertaining story and is recommended for viewers of almost all ages.


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