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Reviewed December 20th, 1999 by Staff


Finally Disney gives us what we want: Disney animation! However, though you might be happy getting we all wanted – Mulan isn’t “Classic” Disney animation. As technology has matured, so has the art of animation. Mulan is the classic example of how computers are changing the way animation is done and how it is viewed.

Mulan does have a great story and overall is a very entertaining film. The Hun have invaded China and the Emperor has ordered that one male from each family is to report to serve in the army. Knowing her father is ill, Mulan chops off her hair and goes in his place – acting like a male. Without giving too much away – you see how she adapts and how brave she really is (with a little help of course – classic Disney style).

The video is presented in 1.85:1 widescreen format and also a pan&scan version is also included. Color, detail and black level is very good. Not a bad transfer at all.

The audio is presented in full DD 5.1 and does a wonderful job. Dialogue and music do just fine with the LFE channel giving a lot of life to the action sequences.

Extras include 2 music videos and a trailer.


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