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Reviewed March 19th, 2000 by Andrew Stoakley


Clark: So, Eddie. Is this real tomato ketchup?
Eddie: Oh, only but the best.


In the 1980’s comedy classic National Lampoon’s Vacation, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) plans to take the Griswold family (Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo), Rusty and Dana) on a cross country road trip to California, to spend time at the magical land of Wally World.

How Does The Disc Look?

National Lampoon’s Vacation does not look that great. In fact, it looks just slightly better than a pristine VHS copy. There is no letterboxing, no pan and scan, but a straight transfer to television 4:3. Some good points on this disc is that the picture is better than VHS and you’ll never have to worry about watching a wonky version of this classic comedy again.

How Does The Disc Sound?

This disc sounds a lot better than any VHS copy you’ll come across. However, that isn’t saying much since it’s only in mono and sounds like it was transferred in a toilet. But, once again let’s look at the positives of this disc, you’ll never have to worry about missing great lines from Clark, or Cousin Eddie because of bad VHS copies made from bad VHS copies or TV.

What Extras Do You Get?

There aren’t a lot of extras on this disc; here’s a list of them:

- Interactive menus
- Production notes
- Theatrical trailer
- Scene access
- Subtitles in: English, French and Spanish


Considering what a lousy DVD this is from a “technical standpoint” it’s also a must have for any collector. National Lampoon’s Vacation is simply one of those movies that no matter how many times you watch it, it just seems to get funnier. From classic scenes like Clark shooting John Candy’s security guard in the ass with a BB gun, to Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid in brilliant form) handing Clark a cold one that he’s almost finished, National Lampoon’s Vacation is definitely “one for the ages.”


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