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Reviewed May 5th, 2002 by Brian White


ďPlease give this movie an F.Ē Thatís what the clerk at the store told me when I walked away with Not Another Teen Movie. I felt it necessary to explain that I had to review it when I called to reserve a copy. I was under the presumption that the movie had gotten reasonable press during its theatrical run. I felt that if it wasnít everybodyís cup of tea, at least it might have a niche audience. Sadly, I was wrong.

Not Another Teen Movie spoofs many flicks in the teen movie genre, but specifically follows the plot of Sheís All That. Director Joel Gallen, who is famous for some hilarious shorts on the MTV awards shows, helms his first feature. The premise is actually quite inspired, because much of the audience will have very fond memories of the subject matter and the genre is ripe for mockery. Sadly, the movie never rises to the challenge. Sure, this movie has its moments, but there arenít enough.

So itís not the best comedy, but on to the next test: is it funny after a couple of beers? Not really. Not Another Teen Movie isnít ridiculous enough to really succeed as a drinking movie. My biggest problem with the movie is the fact that the grotesque humor, and thereís lots, always seems to be aimed at the female characters. Sure itís funny to watch Jason Biggs enjoy that pie, but it somehow doesnít seem right to see our female lead in a similarly intimate and embarrassing situation. Itís not that Iím sexist, but the combination of objectifying the women with all the tittie shots, and then doing some of the gonzo sexual and fart humor with them is a strange mixture. Having said all of that, I like the fact that some over-the-top, inappropriate humor is coming back into movies. Hopefully it will be funnier way next time.

About the cast, we have Chyler Leigh, Spike from That 80ís Show, as our lead. She looks a whole lot like Shannon Elizabeth. The large cast is putting their all into this flick, but that canít save it.

The video on the disc is quite good, in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. While the movie didnít have a very large budget, the transfer is pretty good. Color and detail are pretty good.

The audio mix is serviceable. There are some ambient surround effects where there have to be, but the mix is in keeping with that for a comedy.

Well if the movie isnít funny, you can laugh at how seriously the cast and filmmakers take their accomplishments in the several included extras. Theyíre really proud of this movie. Not surprisingly, you have a cast commentary (like American Pie), and a filmmakerís commentary. The cheerleader girl, though not the star, dominates the cast commentary: put a sock in it! There are also behind-the-scenes things, where they go on and on about how funny the movie is.


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