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Reviewed August 19th, 1999 by Staff


Mel Gibson is just a pure moneymaker. This dark mobster movie will delight almost everyone. You start out with Mel Gibson starring as Porter, a little payroll snatcher when he is betrayed. You follow Mel through his efforts to regain his lost payroll in the amount of 70,000 dollars, get it right! You find out that the low life that crossed Porter is now part of the Syndicate. Well let’s just say the syndicate is not going to let some no name come in and take 130,000 from them. Does Porter get his payback? Buy this gem and find out!

The video is not very vibrant, but it was shot that way. The film is almost black and white looking to give you that dreary/gothic feeling. Very cool and very clear! Not a hint of grain and the darks show no artifacts. Top notch work! The is presented in 2.35:1 widescreen and is 16x9 enhanced.

The audio is great with a full DD5.1 sound track. You will hear every punch; boom, crash and toe get smashed throughout this movie. You could not ask for better clarity our of your sound system!

The extra’s include 2 theatrical trailers and a behind the scenes featurette. Again a DVD produced far from it’s potential. If you like Mel Gibson then get this one. It is a great transfer and an all around entertaining action flick! If you shop hard enough you can get it for less then $15.


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