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Reviewed March 11th, 2001 by Len D. Martin


Cast: Gregory Walcott (Jeff Trent), Mona McKinnon (Paula Trent), Duke Moore (Lieutenant John Harper), Tom Keene (Colonel Tom Edwards), Carl Anthony (Patrolman Larry), Paul Marco (Patrolman Kelton), Tor Johnson (Inspector Daniel Clay), Dudley Manlove (Eros), Joanna Lee (Tanna), John Breckinridge (The Ruler), Lyle Talbot (General Roberts), David De Mering (Danny), Norma McCarty (Edith), Bill Ash (Air Force Captain), Reverend Lynn Lemon (The Reverend), Vampira (Vampire Girl), Bela Lugosi (The Old Man), Criswell (Himself), Tom Mason (The Ghoul Man) (uncredited), J. Edward Reynolds (Gravedigger) (uncredited).

Director: Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Story: After their first 8 plans for world domination fails, the aliens now devise plan 9 - animate the dead and turn them into zombies to help them conquer the Earth.

Audio: Presented in Dolby Mono.

Video: Presented in Full-Screen Black&White.

Extras: Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The Plan 9 Companion.

Comments: We all know the story of this Golden Turkey winner as the Worst Film ever made. Ed Wood had shot some footage of Bela Lugosi before his death and wrote this screenplay around the footage. Wood then his chiropractor, Tom Mason, as a substitute for Bela in live scenes and he even . used his producer, J. Edward Reynolds in one scene. The people who watch this film fall into two groups - those that really hate it and those that love it. This reviewer falls into the latter group. This is a fun film to watch and I am recommending this DVD for two reasons. First, the print - there are some splices and bits of grain in places , but overall, this is the best quality I have seen in years of this film. Second. and most important, is the 110 minute documentary, “Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The Plan 9 Companion” filmed in 1992 and contains interviews with Vampira, Greg Wolcott, Paul Marco, J. Edward Reynolds, Mrs. Tom Mason, and more. If you ever wondered what went into the making of this film, this documentary goes into detail and even contains home movies of Ed Wood directing.


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