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Reviewed February 4th, 1999 by Staff


John Grisham's Rainmaker starring Matt Damon takes the famous book and creates a marvelous movie for all to enjoy. Matt is a law student that just graduated and is beginning to learn the various tricks of the trade. Matt started studying the law because it helped people and that is what he wished to do, help people. This is very evident in the types of cases that he accepts and actions he takes throughout the movie. The movie is very long, running over 2 hours and 15 minutes, but during this period you'll find it hard to tear away. This movie grabs you and makes you feel for the characters involved. The video transfer was not done very well, this maybe because of the compression needed to fit a 2 hour movie on one side of a DVD and then again maybe not. There is a lot of artifacting and grain. This is very noticeable in the very dark scenes and the very bright scenes. The audio was mastered in 5.1, although almost no surrounds are used in the movie. The audio is very crisp and clear and helps draw you into the movie. Overall this would be one that could use a special edition, but for now is worth grabbing and adding to your collection.


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