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Reviewed November 17th, 1999 by Staff


The late River Phoenix stars in this interesting drama about Annie and Arthur Pope (Christine Lahti and Judd Hirsch) who back in 1971 was involved with protests and a bombing. It’s now the 80’s and they and their two sons are still on the run from the FBI.

You see the family as they go from city to city when the heat comes around the corner. This is a very tight family, but Annie and Arthur know that their boys are growing up and cannot run with them their whole lives.

In New Jersey, the family settles into yet another new life, where Danny (River Phoenix) gets in good with his music teacher and his daughter (Martha Plimpton). Danny eventually auditions for Julliard and they want him, however, Danny has kept this news from his family. Annie, Danny’s mother, eventually finds out about Danny’s plans and tries to convince Arthur to let him go.

This is an incredible story about not only growing up – but how children often face consequences of their parent’s actions. Along with the incredible story is some very fine acting by Phoenix, Lahti, Hirsch and a brief appearance by Stephen Hill from Law and Order fame.

The video is presented in full-frame and varies in detail. Grain is seen throughout the film, but for the most part the image seems sharp enough. It varies in degree from horrible to standable.

The audio is presented in mono. A 2.0 or even a 5.1 soundtrack would have been very welcomed, but you can hardly tell because the bulk of the movie is dialogue. For what it’s worth, the mono soundtrack is ok.

Don’t expect any supplements either.


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