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Reviewed September 13th, 1999 by Staff


Rushmore is an excellent film. It is like a little European film, which was made in the United States by mistake. Wes Anderson’s movie explores the exploits of Max Fisher. Max is THE student at Rushmore, a New England boy’s school. Max is the president of too many clubs, a play-write, a con artist, and a poor student on the verge of expulsion from the institution which is his life. Rushmore explores Max’s mid-adolescent crisis.

Jason Schwartzman is perfect as Max. The film is mostly a character sketch, so Rushmore rides on Schwartzman’s talent. Bill Murray is once again brilliant. Murray plays a Rushmore alumnus that perhaps sees too much of himself in Max; or the Max portrayed to him. Murray plays the whole movie straight, and demonstrates that he was robbed in last year’s Oscar race. Olivia Williams is beautiful and wonderful as a teacher that catches Max’s eye.

The video quality on the disc is quite good. The non-anamorphic, 2.35:1 aspect ratio print shows off the lovely New England autumn. There is web talk about artifacts on larger monitors, but this reviewer could not see any video problems.

The 5.1 mix is also quite good. The 60’s guitar pop is mixed nicely across the front. Dialogue is good, and split surround effects are minimal, but present for applause and rain.

Buena Vista serves up the minimal theatrical trailer and English Captions for extras.

Despite the quality of the film, and the disc, consumers should wait for Criterion’s special edition, which was announced on their website. Criterion most likely will deliver an even better print, and great supplements.


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