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Reviewed March 2nd, 1999 by Staff


An interesting tale...take a baby from birth and train it to be the ultimate soldier. Kurt Russell is back in this all out action movie. The story line was a bit weak but the action scenes made up for it. In fact, Kurt Russell only has a small dialog during the whole movie (in other words he does not speak much during the film at all). All the soliders in the movie were trained all their lives to be emotionless fighters and nothing more. The begining of the movie shows some of their mental conditioning. They are all trained to do their job and follow orders. All in all, the movie was a dissapointment at the box office, but it still is a good action/sci-fi movie. The DVD is presented in 2.35:1 (widescreen) and also the usual Warner “standard” (pan/scan) format. For the most part the image was clear and very sharp with no signs of flaws. The sound is presented in 5.1 which only adds to the excitement of the action sequences. Don't expect great actor performances from this one, but still it is an entertaining action film. Not to bad for a $14.00 or so DVD.


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