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Reviewed November 25th, 1999 by Staff


Generations is the passing of the torch between the original cast, and the Next Generation Cast. It is the feature film debut for the cast of the successful, and then just finished, sequel to the original television series. Scotty, Checov and Kirk represent the original cast. There's so much potential here, and they blew it. Imagine Kirk putting Picard in his place on the Enterprise bridge: “Prime Directive-Smime Directive, let's go kick some butt!” Instead, this clumsy film seems to go out of its way to devise a plausable (at least Star Trek-plausable) reason for the two generations to collide. They should have gone back to the glowing donut from the original series, where Kirk met Joan Collins, and written a kicking story, rather than this lame mess.

Picard and company cross paths with a diabolical villan (a menacing Malcolm McDowell) who will stop at nothing to return to the Nexus: a narcotic metaphor with a convenient time travelling element. Kirk and Co. are affected by him too, and no one in the audience really cares. If Generations has a saving grace it's watching Kirk and Picard interact, and save the day.

The Generations DVD suffers from the fact that it was released on the heels of the amazing First Contact disc. Paramount skimped here and didn't produce an anamorphic transfer. The detail is obviously missing. Also, there's noticable film grain on the footage recycled from past films and from the television series. The film is presented in 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The disc is THX certified, and the colors are brighter than those on the Generations Laser Disc.

Where the film falls short in the visual department, it more than redeems itself in the sound department. The 5.1 mix is quite remarkable, especially in a scene where the Enterprise suffers a catestrophic blow. Also, the Dennis McCarthy score, which obviously evolved into the Voyager theme, is beautifully incorporated into the mix.

Special features are slim, including scene selection and subtitles.


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