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Reviewed July 24th, 2000 by Brian White


An incredible collection of some of today's most talented young actors light up the screen in this excellent suspense. The Talented Mr. Ripley boasts a cast which includes Matt Damon, in the title roll; Jude Law, in his Oscar-nominated supporting roll; Gyneth Paltrow, as the lovely female lead; AND Cate Blanchette in a supporting roll. This cast is fantastic, in a great film.

Matt Damon plays Tom Ripley, a young man who wraps himself in lies to take on fictional, and non-fictional personae. He is dispatched to Italy to convince Jude Law's spoiled rich kid character to return to the States. Damon essentially consumes and becomes law's character. Without giving too much away (as this is a suspense), the third act of the film involves Ripley maintaining the facade, despite mounting pressure and circumstance.

This disc looks beautiful. The 1.85:1 anamorphic print shows off the cinematography perfectly. It's easy to make a film look good when you photograph good-looking people in beautiful Italian locals and a transfer like this only adds to that magic. It is very colorful. Detail is very good.

The sound is fantastic as well. Much of this film involves music. The different worlds of the characters are represented, in part, through music. Ripley's classical music warmly fills the room throughout the spacious 5.1 mix. More impressive is the jazz that identifies Jude Law's character. While not the Yellow Submarine 5.1 mix, there is an amazing amount of music coming from all directions, filling all speakers. This is a very rich mix that impresses without distracting.

Feature-wise, the disc includes a commentary track, a featurette, and a trailer. Not bad at all.


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