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Reviewed July 31st, 2000 by Chuck Arrington


No rocket science here. A young man (Chris O’Donnell) reveling in his bachelorhood receives word that his only living relative, a grandfather humorously played by Peter Ustinov, has died & left him an inheritance of $100 million dollars. The only catch is, he has to be married by 6:05pm on the night of his 26th birthday, which happens to be the following day. Prior to this, he severely botched his marriage proposal with the girl of his dreams & spends all night & most of the following day checking out & proposing to all of his past girlfriends. What will he do? Will he marry just anyone for the bucks or will he hold out for his one true love & find both happiness & wealth at the end of this rainbow? Only the bachelor knows, & you will too once you see the movie.

The audio for the bachelor is presented in a Dolby Digital 5.1 stereo platform that is surprisingly active for this kind of a film. The surrounds are always active & the center is perfect. The sub does a pretty great job conveying the depth needed for a fair amount of the scenes in the film. Additionally, the soundtrack features some pretty great nostalgic tunes that more than aptly fit the film. In all, the audio portion of the disc is done quite well.

The video is presented in both widescreen & full frame versions. I selected the widescreen to review & found a pretty clean transfer for this title. It is a non-anamorphic widescreen transfer that has a few minor glitches primarily in the color department. For the most part the colors were pretty solid however, there were points were the blacks showed a fair degree of pixelation & the colors/flesh tones looked a bit too red. Other than that the video portion of the disc was fine.

The extras consist of the film’s trailer, cast & crew information & for those with DVD/ROM the screenplay is reproduced here in total, a link for the film’s website is provided as well as a “rate your mate” resource guide is also present for those who have questions about your spouse? Kind of late for that if you’re already married & didn’t learn it all prior to the “I Do’s” if you ask me. Perhaps it’s for the pre-marriage dating crowd? If so, then it’s title definitely shouldn’t include “spouse”. Anyway, I am now leaving my soapbox & would just like to say that the features, quizzical though they may be, are a welcome addition to an other wise bare bones disc.

Overall this is a bubblegum movie. There were a few real laughs & they were provided by the real stars of the film, the members of the old guard, Hal Holbrook, Peter Ustinov & Ed Asner. The balance of the film was a poor attempt at showing the differences between the purported freedom of the unmarried & the subsequent “tying down” of the married. Cute movie, yes but worthy of a purchase…I don’t think so. It’s pretty silly & the concept of the film is just way too big a blunder to get around. Listen for a hundred million dollars someone’s gonna marry their sister rather than scour the countryside for the undesirable old girlfriends circuit! I mean after all, there’s a reason why they are “old girlfriends”! Rent it for a laugh or two cause that’s all your gonna get!


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