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Reviewed December 20th, 1999 by Staff


Even though not as old as many other “classic” Disney animation movies, this one started a whole new generation of Disney movies.

The basic story is this: The “Mer” people (mermaids and mermen) are under the ocean and lead by King Titan. King Titan’s daughter Ariel is the center of the movie and how she only wishes she could be above the water and walking on the land.

She spends a lot of her time searching for old relics from sunken ships and spending time on the surface – against her father’s wishes. One day while being on the surface, she sees a ship and goes in to investigate. On the shop is Prince Eric – a handsome man who during a celebration, gets knocked overboard and Ariel end up saving him from his certain death. In a daze, Eric hears her singing to him.

While Eric searches for this woman, Ariel is constantly thinking of him and after a fight with her father, goes sees the sea witch for help. The sea witch makes her a deal: Ariel can have legs and see if Eric loves her in exchange for Ariel’s voice. However, if Ariel does not get Eric to kiss her in two days, Ariel’s soul belongs to the sea witch. Will Ariel succeed?

This is a wonderfully animated movie with very memorable songs. A highly entertaining movie for all ages.

The video is presented in 1.66:1 widescreen and is a vast improvement over VHS. The image is clear and has no signs of any problems. Colors seem correct as well as black levels.

The audio is presented in DD 5.1 and is wonderful. The 5.1 mix really gives life to the movie over the VHS version. Dialogue and music are wonderful.

Only downside to this great disc is the lack of any extras.


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