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Reviewed July 19th, 1999 by Staff


The Patriot the latest Steven Seagal thriller posses Seagal as Dr. Wesley Mclaren. A top immunologist that used to work for the government. He is living in a small town where he practices holistic medicine. When the head of a radical violent militia decided to let the world know of the government’s secret stock pile of chemical agents. The only problem is this bug has mutated and our antitoxins and vaccine’s don’t work. The militia takes over the town forcing Dr. Mclaren to leave town and work in a secret lab to find a cure. Can Steven Seagal save the town and the world?

The movie is presented in widescreen. Unfortunately it is not anamorphic widescreen. The transfer is clear and very vibrant. Disney really did a great job transferring this movie to DVD.

The audio is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. You really feel the choppers and other effects used in the movie. All channels are in full use especially with the flybys. Everything is crisp and clear. The audio really adds to the enjoyment of the film.

The extra’s? Um, Um, there are none. While the movie quality and audio quality are top notch, I hope Disney realizes the potential of extra’s and the whole economics of how they could sell many more DVD’s then they currently are with the right extra’s. Disney has priced this DVD at an MSRP of 29.99 which is not the most expensive in their array of DVD’s, but then again is not fully loaded with goodies.


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