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Reviewed December 20th, 1999 by Staff


This story is one of complication and one of music. Pink Floyd released a double album entitled “The Wall” and had a very awesome live show to accompany it. Some time later, a movie was brought about and was a complete different kind of movie experience: hardly any dialogue with the music telling the story instead.

The movie is basically about “Pink” (Bob Geldof) who is a famous rock singer and how he grew up and eventually how he goes insane. Bob Geldof’s acting was top notch – not many people except lead singer (at the time) and writer Roger Waters of Pink Floyd could have performed this character. Scenes in this movie are both disturbing and breathtaking.

The video is presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen made from a brand new hi definition master. The image is absolutely wonderful and never looked better.

The audio is presented in both a new 5.1 remix and PCM stereo. The 5.1 track is amazing and the movie never sounded better.

Extras that are included on the disc are: a commentary by Roger Waters and designer Gerald Scarfe, two documentaries (one old – one new), a trailer, a “Hey You” deleted sequence, a music video for “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2”, a still gallery and more.

Highly recommended if you love the movie. If not, rent it – it might open your eyes.


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