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Reviewed January 27th, 2002 by John Randall


Long before I was ever a movie buff – I was a big ass Tron fan. And thinking back, I was more into the video game release than the movie back then. I can remember spending endless hours (and using massive amounts of quarters) playing that game wherever we would go. I still think its one of the best video games to ever come out.

When Disney put out the original DVD a few years ago, I was frankly blown away. I had never experienced the movie any better than that – especially the video quality. Sure, the DVD as a whole was lacking, but I was impressed just the same.

When I heard that a two disc edition was coming – I could not have been happier. I finally opened the DVD and took a look...

The 1982 story of Tron is kind of simple: a hacker gets zapped into a computer and must survive by playing games. Of course it’s a lot more intense than that. Can anyone really forget the most awesome light cycles?!?!?! This story is science fiction at its best, has a love story, action and great special effects.

The main bulk of Tron takes place in the computer world with some of the most impressive pre-cgi animation film has ever seen. The movie is faced passed at 96 minutes and will keep kids of all ages glued to the screen till the final ending.

Acting is pretty well done with stars such as Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner, Cindy Morgan, and Barnard Hughes.

The 2.20:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is breathtaking and outdoes even in the original DVD release. This film will never look as awesome as a newer movie, but Disney really did get some brownie points for making the film look even better.

This new edition even sounds better! The new Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is noticeably better than the 4.0 on the previous DVD release. Rears aren’t used very much, but there is a lot more bass that you can feel.

Perhaps the biggest advantage over the original DVD is the inclusion of extras up the ying yang.

We got an audio commentary with Steve Lisberger, Donald Kushner, Harrison Ellenshaw and Richard Taylor for starters. This is the same commentary that was on the old laserdisc but is still enjoyable to listen to.

A great new documentary on the making of Tron is included. This sucker is long - clocking in at around 85 minutes. But its very cool to see everyone's view of this fine film.

Fan will love the deleted scenes that are included - running in at over 10 minutes. Yep, the infamous “love scene” is here for you all to enjoy.

Also included are some photo galleries, storyboard-to-film comparisons, pre-production animation tests, deleted soundtrack music, publicity materials, and some trailers.

The best out of all the extras of course is the new documentary, but there is enough here to satisfy the biggest fan.

It’s very easy to highly recommend this set. Time to pass off your old DVD and replace it with this new 2 disc edition for sure. I really need to find me one of those old original Tron arcade games…


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