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Reviewed November 15th, 1999 by Staff


You have all been waiting for this release from Warner Brothers. Rumors began about a year ago that Warner had begun working on a newly remastered Special Edition of The Wizard of OZ. Low and behold we finally see this title emerge. Everyone knows what this movie is about so won't go into the story too much other then to say that Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Scarecrow are back! So down to the scibby, and the question on everyone's mind. Is it worth it to purchase this new version? If you are a fan you probably already have the old version, which was still very impressive. The answer is simply and easily YES! The details follow!

The video has been remastered and is presented in its original theatrical aspect ratio. The colors are more vibrant and details that were blurred by the previous inferior transfer spring to life. What really is amazing is the amount of detail put into the costumes and everything else in this movie. Remember this is a 1939 movie, when special effects did not exist! Hours upon hours had to be spent to create the illusion of a field of red flowers.

The audio is presented in two formats. One for you high tech junkies and one for you who wish to hear how the movie sounded in the theater back when you first saw it come to your local cinema. The High tech version is a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. While not overly active you do get more of the surround effect. Not bad for such an old film. The other track for you nostalgic buffs is an original Mono soundtrack just like it was originally presented some 60 years ago.

What really makes this a special edition is the overwhelming amount of extra content. You ready for this list: Behind-the-Scenes Documentary, Vintage Movie and Cartoon Clips, Theatrical Trailers, Outtake Musical Numbers, Newsreel Excerpts, Cast Interviews, Shooting Script, Extensive Audio Program of Original Recording Session Material and Radio Broadcasts, English and French Subtitles and very slick interactive menus. Whew, did you get all of that? Needless to say this collections spells out everything from how Judy Garland became Dorothy to how they managed such labor intensive stages, costumes, and scenery. Not only do you receive such fine extra's on the DVD, but if you buy the Deluxe Edition ($24.99) you receive original movie posters, the full script, an elegant yellow brick road box and Special photographs from the movie. Well worth the price and a fine collector's item, as well as, one of the best movies around that can be enjoyed by the entire family! Click your heals three times and say, “There's no DVD like Warner, There's no DVD like Warner, There's no DVD like Warner!”


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