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Reviewed August 5th, 2001 by Len D. Martin


Cast: Adrian Rawlins (Arthur Kidd), Bernard Hepton (Sam Toovey), David Daker (Josiah Freston), Pauline Moran (Woman in Black), David Ryall (Sweetman), Clare Holman (Stella Kidd), John Cater (Arnold Pepperell), John Franklyn-Robbins (Reverend Greet), Fiona Walker (Mrs. Toovey), William Simons (John Keckwick), Robin Weaver (Bessie), Joseph Upton (Eddie Kidd).

Director: Herbert Wise.

Story: It is the 1920's and Arthur Kidd, a solicitor, is sent to the seaside town of Crythin Gifford, to settle the estate of Alice Drablow who has just past away and left no relatives. But before he goes to the house he attends the woman's funeral. There the priest tells him, that the old woman didn't have any friends in the village. The church is practically empty, but strangely enough, a pale woman in black is sitting in the back of the church. She even stands in the distance when the coffin is laid into the ground. Arthur, wondering about her, asks the priest about whom she is. But the priest tries to ignore him, and hurries on with the funeral. Later, Arthur saves the life of a little gypsy girl and for this he is shunned by the townspeople (You'll learn the reason when you see the film). When he finally gets to the house, things get very eerie. He begins to hear noises; doors open and close on their own; he sees the woman in black standing outside by a small cemetery. What is the secret of the old house and Alice Drablow? Is she the woman in black? Is he just imagining all this or is it real?

Audio: Dolby Digital Mono 2.0.

Video: Presented in Full Frame 1.33:1.

Extras: None.

Comments: To review this film any more would give away the surprises and the plot twists. But, I must emphasize that this film is SCARY! Just when you think you will see the Woman in Black, you don't, when you think you will not see her, you do! I cannot recommend this film enough. It is EXCELLENT! It ranks up there with the 1963 version of “The Haunting” and 1978's “The Changeling”. This film was originally a British TV film broadcast in 1989 and was based on the book by Susan Hill


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