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Reviewed April 8th, 2001 by Len D. Martin


Cast: Michael Douglas (Professor Grady Tripp), Tobey Maguire (James Leer), Frances McDormand (Chancellor Sara Gaskell), Robert Downey Jr. (Terry Crabtree), Katie Holmes (Hannah Green), Rip Torn (Q [Quentin Moorewood]), Richard Knox (Vernon Hardapple), Michael Cavadias (Miss Antonia 'Tony' Sloviak), Richard Thomas (Walter Gaskell), Alan Tudyk (Traxler), Philip Bosco (Hank Winters, Emily's father), George Grizzard (Fred Leer), Kelly Bishop (Amanda Leer).

Director: Curtis Hanson.

Story: Professor Grady Tripp is not off to a good weekend. His wife has left him, his publisher is arriving in town to check on the status of his new book, and Chancellor Gaskell has informed him that she is pregnant with his child Add to this mixture a troubled student, a dead pet, a stolen car, and a stolen sweater and you have a dark comedy odyssey with many turns and twists.

Audio: Presented in English Dolby Digital 5.0, English Sub-titles, and French Dolby Digital Surround.

Video: Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 - Enhanced for 16x9 televisions.

Extras: Exclusive Cast & Crew Interviews; Pittsburgh Interactive Location Map With Commentary By Curtis Hanson; Songs Of “Wonder Boys” With Commentary By Curtis Hanson; “Things Have Changed” Bob Dylan Music Video; Theatrical Trailer.

Comments: Michael Douglas is superb in this role. You never know which way the story is going to turn. An excellent film.


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